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KG Property Services Are here to find a solution to your property problems. Whether that is directly or by sign posting you.

KG Property Services are not only property agents - we actually own & manage many of the properties we let out.

KG Property Services (For Tenant) provide both rooms and whole property rentals in a mix of property types, to include houses, apartments and other forms of property. Quite often these are available on flexible tenancies, including both long & short term rentals.

KG Property Services(For Owner/Landlord) Maybe able to offer you a guaranteed income for your property at no cost to yourself, whether it is tenanted or not. This can be for a pre agreed period of time(1-5years or more). This is very useful if you are planning to go away for pleasure, work or any other reason for a prolonged period of time. It maybe because you no longer want the financial burden of looking after a property. We fully manage the property, at no cost to yourself and provide you with a guaranteed income. This long term approach can then be merged with purchase of the property. See below.

KG Property Services(Owner) also have a division which maybe able to buy your property very quickly, which has the following advantages:

  • Breaking any chain you may currently be in
  • Quick house sale to allow you to move elsewhere or simply to free up your capital to allow you to move on with your life.
  • Clear your exisiting debts and either sell your house and walk away or allow you to remain in your property as a tenant. This is done quickly & discreetly, without any for sale boards or anyone, including neigbours, knowing about your change of circumstance.

KG Property Services (For Service Providers) Are you looking to secure a property on a long term lease ? Speak with us about this service.

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