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The remaining FAQs are for Tenants

What do I need to secure a room/property?

Can you please provide at least one of each proofs: residence , identity, (work/student/other) reference.

  • Proof of residence can include Utility bill, Bank/Credit Card or other financial stmt, driving licence or similar. (originals please).
  • Identity can include passport, payslip, driving licence or similar.
  • References - can include written reference from employer, contact details for employer, landlord contact details, contact details for personal reference or similar.
  • Please provide some ID/link/reference to your employment/student status.

What financial proof do I need ?

One of your ID’s should include an institution you have a financial account with. The financial institution requirement is NOT required to check ANY financial details – it is purely to link you to an address.

  • Financial institution - Utility bill, Bank/Credit Card or other financial stmt

What other ID do I need ?

If the identity you choose does not have a (recent-ish) photo, then a photo will also be required.

Are photocopies of the ID OK ?

A photocopy of any ID will be required upon a successful let – but the originals must also be presented for inspection.

Do I have to be working ?

Not necessarily. It depends on your circumstances. Students are accepted.

If you are a DSS claimant details /proof of your housing benefit claim will be required.

What about pets & smoking ?

Smoking & Pets will need to be agreed beforehand.

How long is the tenancy ?

The initial tenancy for a whole property will normally be for a minimum of six months. The initial tenancy for a room will normally be somewhere between three and six months.

Short term rentals are sometimes possible on some properties.

What is my initial financial commitment ?

Normally a deposit of one months rent, plus one months rent in advance will be required. Assistance/flexibility maybe available.

What is included in the rent ?

If you rent a room, the rent will normally include all bills – such as council tax, water, broadband, TV Licence – except Gas & Electricity, which are payable as the bill becomes due (quarterly).

If you rent the whole property, you will normally be liable for all bills.

Are the properties furnished ?

Properties are fully furnished. Please enquire if you require unfurnished.

What notice do I need to give to leave ?

One months notice. Or one months rent in lieu.

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